Church of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Church Overview
A Vision from God given to Bishop Albert A. Belton,  a vacant lot bombarded by drunkards
and prostitution was transformed into Holy Ground.  A sanctuary was constructed with God
opening all doors and making a way for His Church that holds over 1000 people.  The church
was completed in two phases.  
These things we believe to be true.
  • Bible Believing, teaching exactly whats in the Word of God.
  • The Bible does not change regardless of the changing of times.
  • The Word of God never comes back void.
Church Ministry
God has put numerous ministries under  God Be the Glory Ministries.  Which include
Tape Ministry, Cd Ministry, Dance Ministry, Pastor's Aide, Music Ministry, Video Ministry,
Clean-Up Committee, Communion Board, Usher Board, Youth Ministry,Van Ministry,
Greeting Card Ministry, Arts in Christ Ministry, Media Ministry Men's and Women's
Fellowship and Various Choirs administering Gods Word through the Gift of Song.
God never closes
Whether Rain, Sleet, Snow or any inhibiting weather, the Doors of the Church of the
Father, Son and Holy Ghost are open.  God never closes because of weather or any reason so
therefore the church must be open for those in need of Prayer and for those seeking the
Altar and the Word of God.

We Welcome you in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Saviour who died on
Calvary for our sins so we may be Born Again into a new creature, Holy,
Pure, Sanctified, Delivered and Set Free from the things of this world.
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Church in Dominican
Without a Vision the
People Perish.....
God Told
Bishop Albert A. Belton:
"If you get off the
Word then I'll get
off of You"
Verse of the Day
Anointed Vessels of Praise
The Dance Ministry of the
Church of the Father, Son and Holy

For Ministering at your church event
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717 393-0563

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