Church Doctrine

The Doctrine of The Church of the Father,
Son and Holy Ghost is set forth in the Holy
Scriptures.  Everything and everybody is
subject to the Word of God and is 1)called,
justified and glorified by the Holy Ghost.      
2)Proverbs teach that your gift will make
room for itself. 3)Corinthians says, the
Spirit gives gifts severally as he will, and by
Ephesians we learn our 4)gifts are for the
edifying of the body of Christ (the
Church).  5)Jesus is the Head of the  

6)We preach the Word under the unction of
the Holy Ghost.  7)We marry Christians
only.  8)The church is the government of
God in the earth.  9)To be married therein,
you must live according to the Word.       
10)We baptize in the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Ghost.  11)We take Holy
Communion, often.  12)We rejoice and
praise God openly, 13)cast out devils in the
name of Jesus, lay hands on the sick  and
they are healed.  14)We pray and speak in  
15)other tongues, 16)forgive, and do not
believe you can lose your salvation,
although we believe you can reject it.  God
forces no one to be saved.  Whosoever will,
let them come.  17)According to the flesh,
we believe that Adam and Eve are the
mother and father of us all. 18)Those who
disobey God are the children of the devil.

19)God is coming back for a church that is
without spot and without wrinkle.  20)
Those who have sin in their lives—at the
time the church is taken off of the earth  
will remain here.  We believe in Heaven and
Hell.  Obedience goes to Heaven.  
Disobedience goes to Hell.  God is no
respecter of persons and is totally GOOD.  
God is the title and description of the
Father, Son and Holy Ghost, who are equal
in every way (Power, Presence,
Knowledge, etc.)  We love Everybody!

Albert Andrew Belton
Bishop and Pastor
**All Scriptures are taken out of the
King James Bible.

1.    Romans 8:30

2.    Proverbs 17:8, 18:16

3.    1 Corinthians 12:11

4.    Ephesians 4:12

5.    Colossians  1:18

6.    1 John 2:20

7.    11 Corinthians  6:14

8.    1 John 4:17

9.    11 Corinthians  6:17, 18

10.   Matthew 28:19

11.   1 Corinthians 11:26

12.    Psalms 100, 150

13.    Mark 16:16-18

14.   1 Corinthians  14:14

15.   Mark 16:17

16.   Mark 11:26

17.   Genesis 3:20

18.   Galatians 4:29

19.   Ephesians  5:25-27

20.   Matthew 7:21
Church Doctrine
Church of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost