The Word of the Church began before the foundation of the World.  The work that
started at 537 Howard Avenue, at the home of Pastor and Mrs. Albert Andrew
Belton, is a continuance of that work.  The Lord spoke to Minister Belton while     
he was in service at Greater Christian Church of Deliverance, York, Pa.  
Rev.  La Fawn Wilson was pastor there.  "Return to Lancaster and begin a work in
the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost which is God.  Many people want to
receive me says the Father and not my Son Jesus.  Many people want to receive
Me and my Son, but not the Holy Ghost.  Many want to receive my Son and not
Me.  Many want to receive the Holy Ghost and not my Son or Me.  I told them to
baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  That is to know us, three
Persons but one God."  The Father loves us and planned for us.  The Son loves
us and saved us.  The Holy Ghost loves us, keeps us, teaches us and guides us
into all Truth.  (Jesus)  (Word)
The beginning started with six people in attendance.  The Beltons had prayed,
witnessed, walked the streets of Lancaster passing out invitations, and knocking
on doors.  They were not discouraged!  They knew what the Lord had told them.  
"A Church, a Christian Library, Athletic Association, Christian Movie Theater, and
Christian School where the poor could attend without tuition."  God said "Why
should the poor be deprived of a God centered education just because they can
not afford it?  My people have failed to establish the evidence of my Kingdom in
the natural to maintain that which I have done for them in the spiritual.  My people
have to go to the world for everything.  My people are to be led and supervised by
believers, people who obey Me.  (God)  Instead, when they come out of service,
they go to the world for everything."
The work began to grow.  The seeds that had been planted began to come up.  
The house was beginning to fill up.  One day while taking people home from
service, the Lord spoke to Pastor Belton about Daryl Glover, who was standing
and watching a baseball game.  I knew not if this brother could play sports at all!  
The Lord said "There is the administrative director of the Glory to God Athletic
Association."  I approached Brother Glover and we had several meetings.  At the
third of  fourth meeting, I looked at Daryl and asked if he could play sports.  He
informed me that he had started a basketball league at the Boys Club and was
playing softball for the city team.  Hallelujah!  Daryl is a member of Ebenezer
Baptist Church.  Boys from all over the city responded.  We required that they
learn the ten commandments for moral direction and must attend worship at the
church of their choice.  Many were ministered to and some were led to the Lord.  
The Lord blessed us with a school bus to go on trips to minister.
The Lord separated the Spece family to go to Newark, New Jersey, to start a
missionary home.  They were there one year and accomplished much in the name
of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Bishop Belton will be returning there to establish a
The Lord began to send missionaries to our services from Africa, South America,
Central America.  It was always astounding how a little church in a house lifting up
the name of Jesus, could be blessed with so much recognition.  
In a vision, the Lord showed Pastor Belton the parking lot down the street as a
stream with all different colors and types of fish swimming in and out.  Drug
transactions and fights took place there on this lot.  Drinking parties left the lot
littered with bottles.  Today, a new over 500 capacity sanctuary sits on this lot,
landscaped and beautiful.  The Lord also had Pastor Belton to purchase another
parking on the opposite street.  Now there would be enough parking and access to
the church from both Howard Avenue and Locust Street.
In the vision the Lord has showed us a Christian School, Library, Missionary Home,
Christian Movie Theater, and housing construction that is affordable to the income
of the needy.  
The church consists of people of all races and walks of life.  We worship the Lord
in Spirit and Truth.  (Word)
The Building will be expanded to seat 1000 worshippers.  There is also a Spanish
Speaking assembly using the sanctuary, that the people who do not understand
English may be reached too.
The Messianic Hebrew Christian Fellowship will be ministering with us to reach the
Jews in the entire Lancaster County area.
We have purchased an ambulance to help in the near future with emergency
service, especially in the southeast area.
We intend to take this city for Jesus Christ our Lord.
Contributions and offerings come from both inside and outside of Pennsylvania.  
This is the work of the Lord and it precious in His sight.  We thank all of our faith
partners and pray God's richest blessings upon you.
This will be a land of Love, saith the Lord of Hosts.  My people will flow into it.  
Wickedness will be put down.  Hatred will flee.  Abomination will be cast out.  And
on my people will be poured out the abundance of peace, through Jesus Christ.

                  Written by the Pastor and Bishop
                  Albert A. Belton
Church of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
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